Friday, February 26, 2010

Christmas 2009 Photos

Mommy made the Christmas present backboard AND the adorable children. I'm guessing the elves made Santa. Merry Christmas '09!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Catching up...

I've got some serious catching up to do...

I've not been on facebook since Christmas, I think, so you're getting a rare look into my past life. Well, the past life of events that unfolded in the most recent 4.5 months of our family's life.

1 - In October, I broke my foot and sprained my ankle rather catastrophically which came as quite a shock since I'd never before broken a single bone (Andrew kept his spirits as you can see however).

2 - In November, I shopped for lots of trees at a tree farm 2 hours away twice in one week, then we poured thousands of square feet of concrete for our circular drive and planted 50 trees that arrived by semi-truck--way too much landscaping management for a mommy nursing a baby and nursing a terrible foot and ankle injury. It is all beginning to look very beautiful though:)

3 -Michael turned a whopping 6 years old in November! He adores transformers and even drew a picture design of a transformer named Starscream that he wanted me to put on his birthday cake. His transformer wish is my command. He also began to be very good friends with his T-Rex around his birthday; he is a truly personified and animated stuffed dinosaur now. He gets into all kinds of trouble I'd otherwise have to lecture Michael about. It's nice to have friends like that!

Adorable Andrew turned sweet 1 in December. He got my first ever home-made from scratch carrot cake-lucky guy! Unlike Michael, he relished his cake AND FROSTING on his first birthday. That's my baby, oh sweet growing up baby...

More to come later...Christmas, New Year, etc.

'Bout Time I Wrote Again

Hey Sharica!

First one of you two to see this post wins a super prize. I'll bet you gave up any hope of me ever posting to my blog again:) Well, Jeannine just started one so I'm inspired to get going again.

Today on the menu, Bratwurst stew. First time I've made this, and I knew it'd be a hit with my German food loving hubby, Scott. Andrew, the baby adored it too--almost as much as I adore him:)

Michael and Madeleine have been inviting friends today to a Valentine's party I'm hosting for them on Friday. They each get to invite 3 friends.

Monday, September 28, 2009


If this is how everyone feels when they get their first blog up and running I can see why blogs are catching on so quickly. I hereby officially express my desire for ongoing online communication with my nearest and dearest family and friends by setting up this blog! To celebrate this momentous occasion, Madeleine decided to turn four years old today, or is it the other way around? Her birthday definitely takes preeminence, and speaking of such, this is going to be brief and I'll get more on here later in the way of pictures so I can go and focus on my little sweetie girl and her birthday specialness.

I just love that children's song, "Here We Are Together." The creation and upkeep of this blog is mostly to remind me of how happy I am that my husband and my kids and I are all in this wonderful life together!